Friday, September 4, 2015

Welcome Back to Mrs. Hamblin's Virtual Music Classroom!

This is a blog to help you keep up on homework and class assignments throughout the school year if you miss a class because of illness or a field trip. The work completed in class and the assignments for the week will be posted at the start of each week. Videos and listening selections used during class instruction will also be posted so that students can listen and review the material. Feel free to post me questions or contact me to call you should you be ill or out of school for an extended period of time, and I will keep you in the loop so you keep on top of your assignments.
Week 1 September 8 - September 11- Assignments
Class participation: 
    1. Post It activity:    
  • When's your birthday? I like getting cupcakes for birthdays!
  •   What is your short term goal to complete by the end of the week?  (Yes! Survival is an option!) 

  •  What is your long term goal for the end of the month? (Remember, your interim report will be going home around that time. What are you going to do to get the best grades you can?)   
    2. Make a sign that uses the letters of your name as the first letters of positive words that describe you. 
Ex: Bob= Brillant
   3. Use the positive words from everybodys' signs to create a whole alphabet of positive words. Write on post-its and place on chart papers.

   4. Work with a partner to create a list of :
                      10 things you have control over 
                      10 things you don't have control over
Write a personal statement about using the things you have control over to help you reach your short term and long term goals, and how will you try to deal with the things that you don't have control over, so that your goals become out of reach.

Time for music!
Outlining chapters in your spiral notebooks.

  • For each class at the top of the notebook page write the date, upper right hand side.
  • next line, write the title of the chapter
  • next line, write the vocab words and the musician profiles so you can check them off as you outline the chapter
(nl) write the title of the first section its big and green at the top of the page with a section number (ex. 1.1) next to it.
  • (nl) the red heading and then explain what its about 
  1. if there is vocabulary; write the word, define it, and check it off the second line of the outline. 
  2. if there are songs: write down the title, the composer, and the origin or country it comes from.
  3. if there is a musician profile in that section, write a 5W's and H  to summarize the life of that person. 
                     (who, what, when, where, how, and why)

 Do this for each section in the chapter, it helps you remember the details .
Image result for education cartoons for teachers free 
 "Reading each page is so slow! Isn't there something I can click on to view all the pages at once?"
So what do you do with the outline?
Use to complete the "In Class Assignment": 
 Chapter 1 Reading Guide
  • Respond to each question in each section with short answers.
  • Go back and look at your outline to answer questions about vocabulary or interesting details. 
  Homework? Did you say homework? OMG!!!
due next class: 3 Quizlets for Chapter 1

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Early Baroque Music: Monteverdi's Orfeo

Claudio Monteverdi 1567-1643

The text of “Tu se’ morta” is:

You are dead, dead my darling
 And I live; You have left me, 
You have left me forever,
 Never to return and I 
No, no, if verses have any power,
 I shall go boldly to the deepest abysses,
 And have melted the heart 
of the queen of shadows,
 Will bring you with me to see the stars,

Or if cruel fate deny me this, 
I will remain with you in the company of death,

Farewell earth, farewell sky,
 and sun, farewell.           

“Tu se’ morta” is a recitative from the opera “Orfeo”. A recitative is a combination of singing and talking that characters in an opera use to explain what is happening and how they feel.

 Orfeo is the story of the Greek tragedy Orpheus who could music so beautifully that he could make the animals cry. His lover, Eurydice is bitten by a poisonous snake and she dies. Because he is so sad, Orpheus stops playing music. So the gods make a deal that he can go to the underworld and lead her out of Hell, but he must not look back at her, or will she sink back into Hell.   

Near the end of the journey, Orpheus begins to worry that Eurydice has fallen behind and he forgets and looks back at her. As she sinks back into Hell, he is overcome with sadness knowing that his lack of faith put her back into Hell forever.

Musically, “Tu se’ morta” is a solo accompanied by continuo (harpsichord and viola da gamba) which is homophonic texture. The mood of the piece is expressed by the soloist and the minor key of the music accompanying the soloist. 

Word painting is used by placing key words on the highest or lowest notes. For example “death” is on the lowest note and “star” is on the highest note, highest notes showing excitement and sadness and the lowest pitches showing death and depression.
"Tu se' morta" from Orfeo 1607.