Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Assignments Week of 11/12/13-11/15/13
         Music In Our Lives:
           1. Complete Chapter 5 preview from last week
           2. Bellringer for 11/12/13 on Disco and paragraph on Rite of Spring
           3. Review for Chapter test on Thursday 11/14 or Friday 11/15 depending on which class you
               have, 3rd block, 4/5th block or 10th block.

           1. Concert date is tentatively set for December 12th, dress rehearsal will be Tuesday 12/11            
               during 9th and 10th blocks.
           2. Program will include these songs:  "The First Snowfall"
                                                                      "Take Me to the Water"
                                                                      " O, Star!"
                                                                       "Some Nights"
             1. Bass clef  staff notes and practice
             2. "Amazing Grace" is a new song to begin practicing.
             3. Practice and be prepared to play the reading exercise "Grand Staff"
             4. The new song packet includes songs you have already performed. Practice each song so that  
                 you can play it easily. Pick a different song to prepare for the next recital coming up before
                 Thanksgiving. It will count as a test grade.

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